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MASTERS | Masters are defined as dancers who are 40 years and over. You can opt to compete in Open or Amateur. If you compete in a masters partnership division, both dancers must be 40 and over. If you compete in Pro-Am, Open or Amateur in a partnership, both dancers do not have to be 40 and over. 

OPEN | Open is defined as both professional dancers and amateur dancers who are ready to challenge themselves. 

AMATEUR | Amateurs are defined as dancers who do not and have not ever, received financial compensation from dancing, performing, teaching, judging and/or assisting.


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Partnerships are classified as two people dancing together. The partnership is non gender descriptive. Partnerships can be made up of opposite gender, same gender and non-binary dancers.

Music & Timing

MUSIC | Songs must be no longer than 2 minutes long and no shorter than 1:20 for choreographed routines.

Songs should be emailed to: and labeled with the following: Division|Category|Competitor/s|Name/s eg Open|Salsa Duets|Laura & Angela

Freestyle final categories for Salsa, Bachata & Samba will be danced to live Bands.

TIMING | Timing must be identifiable to the genre in which you are dancing. Movements must be 70% identifiable to the genre you are dancing. The remaining 30% can be used by lifts, tricks, creative licence ie different dance styles. eg. In a 2 minute song, 30% is 36 seconds.  

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Costumes, Props & Showmoves

COSTUMES | Costumes Costumes are not required, however are highly recommended. All costumes should be in good taste with all private parts covered by non-transparent material.

PROPS | Props are not permitted

SHOWMOVES | Showmoves, whether feet remain on the floor or not, are defined as any movement that requires the support of the other partner to maintain. 


TIMING | 20% of your score

Routines & freestyle should have 70% recognisable timing for Bachata, Salsa & Samba categories. Competitors can choose to dance On1 or On2, breaking forward or backwards for salsa and must maintain consistency for the entirety of the routine.  

TECHNIQUE | 15% of your score

Technique should be seen throughout in balance, placement and line. Clear weight changes from foot to foot should be evident. Technique and/or body styling that is specific to the genre of dance choosen. Movement should appear to be both obvious and danced with ease.

CHOREOGRAPHY | 15% of your score

The dancers’s interpretation of the music should be evident and and good usage of the space. Dancers should show clever patterns and combinations. Originality is a factor here.

PARTNERING & CONNECTION | 15% of your score

in partnerships this is seen in the lead/follow while dancing together. Are partners truly connected, or are they merely executing choreography while holding hands? In teams this is seen via their syncronicity and each dancers contribution each other. For soloists, teams and partnerships, this is seen via the connection of audience. For partnerships & teams, synchronicity during side by sides or shines will also help determine the score in this category.

DIFFICULTY | 15% of your score

Reflected by the difficulty of patterns, turns, the intricacy of shine movements,and level of tricks, dips, drops and flares.
Examples: The number of turns done on both double and single feet. How intricate were the shines? How about jumps, kicks, extensions? Any movements requiring exceptional balance, flexibility or strength?

You CAN choose to use showmoves in your routine however, simply adding them wont lift your sore against competitors who do not choose to use showmoves. The showmoves will be judged as any other movement looking at the difficulty, the execution and the choice with where it has been placed.

Showmoves CAN be used in the freestyle divisions where the partnership is on the floor alone and NOT in warm up divisions with multiple couples on the floor. 

In order to get credit for any of these things, the movement must be successfully executed.

PRESENTATION | 10% of your score

You Will Be Judged By Your Overall Presentation. This includes costuming, showmanship, and also good sportsmanship.

X-FACTOR | 10% of your total score

X-factor is an aspect or quality of the dancing that is not in the above criteria. Something that highlights your point of difference, when you dance the marriage between music and dance should be evident.

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